Posterior Elbow - Thermal (100 Pitches Relative to 60)

3D Solution

Making the Invisible Visible … in 3D

EctoScan3D brings to light an innovative 3D sensor technology platform that makes the invisible visible to healthcare professional when assessing their patient’s skin surface or sub surface areas.

Unlike traditional hand-to-skin examinations or existing 2D technology solutions on the market, EctoScan3D provides the most dynamic and realistic 3D image available today.

Our smart sensor tablet uses a proprietary technology that extracts three-dimensional data using the power of light. It provides a completely new and complete 3D high resolution image by capturing and assimilating body symmetry, volumetrics (depth, volume, length, width, color and contour) and surface temperature data.

Doctor advises woman patient and showing prescriptionHealthcare Professional Benefits

Now healthcare professionals have the ability to quantify and qualify skin tissue like never before by analyzing dynamic 3D images that give them a complete picture. This removes the “subjectivity” out of the physical exam.

Additional benefits include:

     • Consistent, repeatable measurement to monitor patterns

     • Reproducible imaging to show progression or regression of the impacted area

     • Time lapse imaging with previous scan comparisons and overlays

     • Ease of use via hand-held tablet

     • Low cost point of care

     • Non-invasive to the patient

Healthcare Applications

EctoScan3D Data Sensor Imaging Technology has many applications in the healthcare industry that encompass a wide range of patient care opportunities. These include:

• Wound care (seep tissue injury, infection, wound healing, pressure ulcers detection/monitoring)

• Podiatry (DFU screening and wound healing)

• Athletic performance and training

• Physical therapy and rehabilitation

• Veterinary

• Research


EctoScan3D Data Sensor Imaging Technology

Simply put, our advanced technology platform provides healthcare professionals with the most visually accurate and dynamic 3-D images of the skin’s surface and sub-surface areas available on the market today.

The key ingredient to our success is our Smart Sensor Tablet powered by our proprietary technology that uses non-structured light to deliver a complete data image to facilitate better patient outcomes.



    The power of light and technology…making the invisible visible in 3D


    The power of 3D imaging data…seeing the complete picture like never before

  • DATA

    The power of actionable data to facilitate informed decisions and better outcomes

    • Non-structured light
    • True 3D sensing from single frame via single aperture
    • Imaging process uses proprietary algorithms and millions of pixels to create data layers in 3D
    • Very high depth and lateral resolution at high speed
    • 3D visualization of the area of interest
    • Scope of tissue data analysis:
      • Symmetry
      • Depth
      • Volume
      • Length
      • Width
      • Color
      • Contour (swelling)
    • Repeatable measurement
    • Progression or regression of a condition
    • Time
    • Lapse overlay imaging
    • Pre-symptomatic identification
    • Early detection

Robust Data DashboardEctoScan3D Data Sensor Imaging Tablet
Your Personal 3D Image Dashboard at Your Fingertips… Data Made Easy

To simplify the physical exam process, healthcare professionals can view a patient’s image data on a visual dashboard through three different filters; contour, temperature and color. They can interact with the images to gain a full 360 degree perspective of the area of interest.

  • Sleek, lightweight design
  • Portable
  • Easy to use

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